Mindfulness Yoga for Children

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  • Systematic Training in Relaxation and Regulation;  Inner Peace for Every Student
  • In schools or at home
  • Mindfulness yoga tune-ups for learning
  • Managing children’s stress and attention at school and at home
  • Helping ALL children and students, including children with learning challenges


Join us and learn how to teach STRIPES Yoga to children in your classroom, at home or anywhere.  This program is an easy brain/body fitness for all children. STRIPES Yoga mindfulness training is designed to train and support educators in schools, parents at home, yoga instructors, healthcare professionals, counselors and any adult interested in working with children.  This program is designed for children from kindergarten through 12th grade.

STRIPES Yoga is excellent for reducing stress in all children and was especially designed to help students manage and regulate their attention and learning issues due to ADHD, anxiety, autism, or hyperactivity. The outcome will help your children become “learning ready” in just a few minutes each day.  It’s easy and it’s fun!

During a two hour workshop or professional development training, you will have all the tools to effectively use this systematic, 3-step process to help your children become focused and ready for the task at hand. After practicing STRIPES Yoga, students will master practical tools in stress management and attention building techniques to take with them wherever they go in the future.

STRIPES Yoga brain/body fitness practiced from an early age can create a foundation for a lifetime of body and mind awareness.  Relaxation training provides individuals the handy tools to be calm and focused during academic studies. This training, inspired by yoga, develops individuals into lifelong learners and successful students in any environment or situation. STRIPES Yoga practice fully engages the mind and body of students, and encourages improvement in productivity, while building awareness and self-esteem.

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