There’s a Lot Going On!

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Hey STRIPES followers!  Hope you are well. We are enjoying a very busy season here at STRIPES, from workshops to working in schools, magazine articles, you name it.  We are busy, and that’s a great thing!

We’re also navigating into the social media world.  Very new for us, but it’s kind of fun, I must admit. Vimeo was first, then Facebook, and now we are getting into Pinterest.  I think an addiction has been created.

If you have time, stop by and check us out.  The links to our pages are in the right column of our site, and at any time on any page, you can share that page with your own social media account.  Just use the social media icons under each page title, and post it directly on your account.  We appreciate any help you can send our way!

We look forward to staying connected to you, and hope you will stop by and see us soon.

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  • Katie has been a huge help to the STRIPES program! She has spent countless hours devoted to helping the founder and STRIPES therapists get this unique training out into the world to help our children succeed with Ease and Joy. We appreciate her special skills and are thankful to have her on our team! So grateful!

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