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Alice Redding – STRIPES Founder and Author

Alice Redding is a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher, Licensed Dyslexia Therapist and a Certified Academic Language Therapist, specializing in school age children. She currently has a yoga and children’s learning therapy private practice in Richardson, Texas. Alice has practiced yoga for over 35 years and has over 20 years of teaching experience with children and adults.  Through her specialization in yoga and children’s learning therapy, Alice has helped hundreds of adolescents and children regain self-confidence and the skills needed to succeed in school and at home. As a dyslexic herself, she strives to help all students appreciate and successfully manage their unique “kind of mind”.

Alice is a Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT (500 hrs. with Yoga Alliance), and she completed her teacher training with Instructors Irene and Bill Beer of Namaste International. In early 2009, she received a 20-hour Teacher Training Certificate after completing Yoga Therapeutics Theory and Practice with internationally known yoga teacher, Judith Lasater.  She also has a Brain Gym Teacher certificate. As a consultant to numerous parents and schools in the North Texas area, Alice has presented her unique approach for teaching relaxation as a way for students to reach greater academic success and self-control. She also created and implemented an after school and summer children’s yoga program at Shelton School in Dallas, TX and has helped hundreds of teachers at other schools learn how to successfully use STRIPES Yoga in their classrooms. She has presented STRIPES Training for such schools as Shelton School, Great Lakes Academy, Southwest Academy, and Parish Episcopal School of Dallas and many other schools in the Dallas area.

Alice holds an advanced degree from Southern Methodist University in Learning Therapy. As a C.A.L.T. (Certified Academic Language Therapist), she tutors dyslexic students daily in reading, writing and, of course, relaxation. In 1999, Alice pioneered and directed the Language Therapy Program for dyslexic children at John Knox School in Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church in Richardson, TX.  She continued this program until 2006, when she shifted her focus to finding ways to reach other schools.

Alice continues to share the art of balancing your life through inner awareness and outer control for a more joy-filled life. She owns a yoga studio and art studio located in her home. In her spare time she relaxes by doing yoga, meditation, oil painting, and hiking.  She is also an outdoor enthusiast and is currently helping her husband design and build a beautiful retreat home in the mountains of southeastern Oklahoma.  Alice intends to train teachers and parents to use STRIPES to help their children relax and enjoy nature in this quiet, peaceful setting.  For fun each year, she and her husband enjoy the challenge of teaching yoga on an adventure kayaking and yoga trip in the Sea of Cortez.

Alice and her husband have two grown sons, and over the years she strived to find innovative solutions to help her sons succeed in school and in life. Now that they are adults, her mission is to share these skills and solutions with the world.

Jill Murawski – FitYoga Founder

TulumJill Murawski has a passion for yoga and fitness, believes that fitness is a way of life and should be a routine just as waking up in the morning.

After studying and practicing yoga for several years, Jill decided to follow her heart and become a yoga teacher in 2008. She began teaching in Prairie Creek Park in Richardson and loved time in the natural setting. After a year of teaching and working in a local boot camp, another door opened; Jill partnered with a local fitness studio and had the opportunity to teach for over two years. It was a wonderful experience and learned so much about business and developed some amazing relationships.Jill settled into more of a hybrid yoga style that involved both Hatha and Vinyasa flow.Yoga brings you back to your true-self, who you are at your core without labels or influence of society. Yoga opens you up and makes the heart shine.

FamilyJill is married to a wonderful and supportive husband, Brian. She has been blessed by the opportunity to open FitYoga with his support over all these years of pursing my dream and passion of Wellness.

Together, Jill and her husband have an incredible son, Joey, who is their biggest blessing. Joey inspires Jill to be a better mom everyday. He was diagnosed with mild dyslexia and ADHD, but he has learned through STRIPES how to manage these challenges. And it’s through STRIPES that Jill met Alice, and thus began a natural partnership and joint effort in helping parents and educators with relaxation in children. This has taught the Murawski family how to calm, breathe and be present. It’s a daily practice!


My certifications are with:

  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • CPT
  • RYT 200 from the Dallas Yoga Center
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Optimal Personal Trainer for Youth
  • Yoga Instructor Certification
  • Group Fitness Training
  • Stripes Training (CST) Systematic Training in Relaxation; Inner Peace for Every Student
  • (A Brain/Body Fitness Training for Managing Your Children’s Stress and Attention; For Adults Who Help Children)

Jill HHH 2009Competitions:

  • Big D Half Marathon April 2015
  • Dallas Rock Half Marathon  Dec 2014
  • Little Rock Half Marathon 2013
  • Lozilu Mud Run 5k 2013
  • Rock’N’Roll Dallas Half Marathon 2010
  • Hotter Than Hell 2009
  • Disco Triathalon 2007
  • Danskin Triathalon 2002, 2005
  • Tri Cities Triathalon 2002
  • Rockwall Rotary Triathalon 2002
  • Dallas White Rock Marathon 1995