There’s a Lot Going On!

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Hey STRIPES followers! Hope you are well. We are enjoying a very busy season here at STRIPES, from workshops to working in schools, magazine articles, you name it. We are busy, and that’s a great thing!

We’re also navigating into the social media world. Very new for us, but it’s kind of fun, I must […]

STRIPES Yoga Vimeo on Demand

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We are excited to announce that we have a STRIPES Yoga Vimeo on Demand page. From this page, you can rent or buy the STRIPES Yoga classroom videos, […]

Help Us Spread the Word

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Hello STRIPES Users!

As we mentioned in the last post, we are going social – as in Facebook. If you could please like our page and help us spread the word. Our goal is to get into the private and public education arena, to reach as many students as we can with our STRIPES program. […]

Follow Us on Facebook

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Good evening users. Thank you so much for following our blog. We’ve been absent for a while, but we are gearing up for a lot of activity this year, including a new Facebook page. We will post our new blogs on our Facebook page, as well as information about workshops and articles that relate […]

Meet Our New Instructors!!!

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In these photos, I want to introduce you to the 6 new Licensed STRIPES Instructors. We just finished the first, 20 hour STRIPES Advanced Teacher Training for Instructors and Coaches and it was a huge success. I am so excited to grow this STRIPES program with these amazing women whom are amazing teachers, owners of […]

Brain/Body Fitness

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Brain/Body Fitness is a must for successful students! Taught from an early age, this STRIPES training for kids will instill a healthy habit of checking in to their mind and body to see what is going on in and around their body. What messages is the brain sending to the body right before a big […]

STRIPES workshop was a hit!

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On Sunday we had a STRIPES workshop at The Mat Yoga Studio in Richardson and many parents and professionals attended it. There were 17 folks in all and they were mostly educators, Occupational Therapist, yoga instructors, psychologists, moms and dads looking for ways bring peace and focus to their children’s lives. After the training most […]

STRIPES Yoga is for everyone!

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Join STRIPES, Brain/Body fitness for students! Check back soon to see what is happening with STRIPES.