STRIPES Yoga Products

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Systematic Training in Relaxation and Regulation; Inner Peace for Every Student

NEW!!! The STRIPES training DVD
or Vimeo on Demand.
Mindfulness Tune-Ups for
Learning DVD or Video Download
A systematic training method for teaching calm and compassion to kids in school or at home.Available for purchase via PayPal, using the Buy Now button, or purchase for download using the link to the STRIPES Yoga Vimeo on Demand page. There is a discount for downloading via Vimeo.
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STRIPES Training Kit

The STRIPES Student Practice CD, Student Movement Cards, and Teacher’s Book are combined in the Training Kit. These items will lead you through the STRIPES 3-step training program to master relaxation for a lifetime of greater joy.  Available for purchase via Paypal, by using the Buy Now button.

STRIPES Student Practice CD

Set to soothing music and narrated by STRIPES author Alice Redding, this Student Practice CD will guide students through the 3-step STRIPES training. The CD will leave students more alert, focused and relaxed.

STRIPES Student Movement Cards

These illustrated cards are a step-by-step complement to the STRIPES Student Practice CD and Teacher’s Book. Students always have fun flipping through these cards to find their favorite pose for each day.

Teacher’s Book

The training book includes the 3-step training program, as well as visual aids and games, weekly plans for teachers, and student journals. This book allows you to successfully teach students to be calm and focused each day in the classroom, home, or anywhere they go.