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“We use “Turtle Time” every day in my first grade classroom. It really helps my students self-regulate, which is something that they struggle with ordinarily, and fulfills their sensory needs at the same time. It can really be a reset button for my students’ emotional and sensory needs so that we can get on with the business of learning!”

Kendall Quartermann
Oak Hill Academy

“I can’t breathe when I’m stressed out, but STRIPES makes me focus on my breath so my brain can reboot. It helps me get on track and stop! Your body is challenged, and its’ fun!”

John Conley, 6th grader

“It helps me in class with grades, because I can be calm and focused. I can get a little control over myself and be happier.”

Dylan Beckerich, 2nd grader

I use STRIPES to help me bring a calm focused approach to a very busy day/life. There are many times when I feel like I am not being productive or am overly stressed as a parent, but then I will just take a few minutes to breathe deeply and refocus.”

“As for my 1st grade daughter Maggie, STRIPES has helped Maggie learn how to focus her attention and energy on whatever task she is trying to accomplish. Taking the time to breathe deeply and sit quietly has really helped her lengthen her attention span and become more focused in class.”

Heather Bienko, mother of STRIPES student