Inner Peace for Every Student

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     “STRIPES far exceeded my expectations! As a Region 10 Counseling Consultant who provides services that impact more than 840,000 students on 1,220 campuses, we were looking for a program that would benefit all educators and students...Their program teaches students how to pause and reflect before reacting or taking action on something stressful...I highly recommend STRIPES for your mindfulness program.”

     -Susan Harris, Region 10 Counseling Consultant

Mindfulness Tune-Ups for Learning

STRIPES, Systematic Training in Self-Regulation and Relaxation

Improving skills in Mindfulness & Social Emotional Learning

Owl Time Video

Owl Time's goal and objectives are self-regulation and mindful awareness.


This video is designed to systematically improve skills for observing the mind to body connection.

Frog Time Video

Frog Time's goals and objectives are to enhance attention and listening skills.


This classroom video is designed to mindfully awaken sensory input to the large joints, muscles, and the brain's ability to learn with ease.





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Training educators to help their students.


Improving skills in mindfulness and social emotional learning. STRIPES 3-Step comprehensive curriculum was developed specifically for schools and children of all ages.


"We use Turtle Time every day in my first grade classroom. It can really be a reset button for my students' emotional and sensory needs."

-Kendall Quartermann

Oak Hill Academy

 "At Fairhill we use STRIPES to help students become focused before their first period and begin their day with a positive attitude.


I have seen improvement in student behavior by allowing students a time to gather their thoughts and think about what they will accomplish that day."

-Joe Villasenor

Fairhill School